Welcome Genius Humanoids!

✨ We start the last week of May 2022! ✨

Wondering what’s included in the program?

12 live group calls (once a week with 1 or 2 "break" weeks for integration)

7 pre-recorded modules on Alchemical Tools + 2 recorded guided meditation on grounding + refining your clarity of vision

Live Whatsapp thread for accountability support, witnessing/ spiritual holding, and day-of coaching via text and voice notes

A community of other emotionally intelligent and driven creatives up to big things in the world

A complimentary 30 min 1:1 coaching session to use at any point in the course

60-min 1:1 coaching sessions at a discounted rate for extra support throughout the course of the program

Who is this program for?

The Alchemical Toolkit For Creative Visionaries who want to:

✨ Have a work life balance that leaves you energized, nourished and invigorated

✨ Generate more money from your creative work 

✨ Book dream clients

✨ Incorporate embodiment practices into your life : meditation, yoga, tapping, shaking, etc…

✨ Lean into pleasure as a wellness tool and manifestation tool

✨ Practice tools that generate emotional mastery

✨Make your best creative work

✨Raise money for your creative work and land investors

✨Love up on and celebrate yourself 10x more than you have been

Lean into spiritual practices like honor your ancestors, building alters and communicating with the earth

✨ Receive more support tin your work, build team, expand your practice

What kind of results have people gotten from the program?

Here are just some results my clients have seen in working with me:

✨ Landing their dream clients!

✨ Feel less anxious and more empowered in their lives

✨ Raising their income 2x,3x what they were making before

✨ Consistent meditation practice

✨ Raising an initial 10k investment to make a film

✨ Completing a short film script+ building a team+ starting pre-production!

✨ Doing mindset work + seeing new possibilities of freedom, joy and pleasure in life.

✨ Finding a therapist to work with! / Starting therapy!

✨ Taking a mother fucking vacation! (more rest + play!!)

✨ Starting to do yoga 

✨ Landing work that feels pleasurable and fulfilling

✨ Saying NO to work that does not feel aligned!

✨ Expanding creative businesses both creatively and financially

✨ Leaning into greater ease by receiving support and hiring team

✨ Celebrating themselves more and creating space to celebrate what's working 

….and the list goes on and on!!!


What time are the live group sessions?

The call time is TBD. If you’re already registered we will make sure the time selected is at a time that works for you.

What if I have to miss a live session?

If you miss a call that’s OK! You can miss up to 3 calls.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, the live calls will be recorded and will be sent to you the following day via google drive.

What if I’m not working on a specific creative project? 

The program is for people working on one or two specific creative projects or businesses. If you don’t have a focus project I can work with you to get clear on what you want to create.

How long is the program?

12 active weeks with 1 or 2 integration weeks (or break weeks) making 13-14 weeks total

How many people will be in the group?

The group is designed to be an intimate space and will be capped at 10 people.

What if I don’t identify as an artist?

You don’t need to be an artist to participate! You do need to have a desire to work consciously with creative genius and be committed to your work.


Refining Your Clarity of Vision

Harnessing Innovation & Expanding Your Capacity to Channel Genius

Pleasure in Presence & Mapping Your Internal Resources

Being of Service to Humanity

Mapping Your External Resources & Sharing with Power

Leaning Into Fun & Play

Alter Building &

Creating Sacred Space for Your Art

Guided Meditation for Clarity of Vision